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Makeup Artist Nadira V Persaud’s review on ar457 skincare range!

Makeup Artist Nadira V Persaud’s review on ar457 skincare range!

The beauty behind science and nature!

‘Science and nature’, we’ve most definitely heard that combination before but who is balancing the two well enough to assist towards healthy skin. ar457 follow the notion and ‘fuse an ancient beauty secret and cutting edge cosmetics using the latest discoveries to enhance and refine a natural miracle’ and I think they have nailed it quite frankly.

I was introduced to the brand last year and wrote a post about the Metaserum Elixir, a truly overwhelming serum with the powers of Argan oil and new technology. I was converted then a there, I wanted to test more.

ar457 have been generous in allowing me to discover the entire range, which I can wholeheartedly say has been a unique experience as formulations consist of textures from rich, balmy creams to grainy emulsions and yes, predictably oils.  I’m not going to tell you about all the products but the ones I am most impressed with.
Ar457 Skin Cleanser [Dmkr] (150ml)
I began with the Skin Cleanser, a good place to start.  I know there are popular oil cleansers, some award winning but my skin has never like these much, however, the almost dry oil formulation removed every trace of daily grime remarkably well, though not to be used to remove eye make up.  Skin Cleanser left my skin ultra soft with no sign of breakouts (something that has happened in the past).  Using this day and night has kept my skin feeling subtle and never dry or stripped of its natural oils.

Ar457 Regenerating Care [Ny-T] (50ml)
I found the boost from using the Regenerating Care after cleansing the ultimate in hydration!

Ar457 Long Lasting Eye Contour [Look] (15ml)
I do love an eye cream, I don’t expect it to banish lines but one that keeps my eyes puff-free in the mornings. I was sceptical with Long Lasting Eye Contour because it pumps out a light emulsion not a gel, which can be more soothing but I needn’t have feared a thing, it left my eye area dewy, hydrated with no signs of additional water retention.

Ar457 Silky Oil [Hcor] (150ml)
Finally, for the body, a spray oil, Silky Oil, a welcome surprise and what a scent.  I can’t quite put my finger on the aroma but I adore using this after a shower to lock in moisture.  One would think it might feel oily, sticky or slippery on the skin, no, it absorbs well with no signs of staining clothes for those of you who might be unconvinced. This is a firm favourite!

There is plenty more to say about the range but I would love to hear from those of you who have tried ar457 or keen to experience this exceptional fusion of science and nature.


Christelle Goy
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