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Argan oil Anti-aging Heart of Argan


Argan Oil Anti-Aging "Heart of Argan" is a universal care face, body and hair: an Exclusive Formula of the House of Argan consisting of 98.9% Argan oil reinforced by a cocktail of antioxidants. The noblest oil and the richest in rejuvenating active ingredients, it is a source of balance for the skin, preserving its fundamental functions and youth.

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Argan Oil is formulated with antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatory agents.


Grand cru argan (99%) boosted in antioxidants.


We have designed RItual Heart of Argan Oil as the most beautiful expression of Argan Oil. This luxurious oil is designed to deliver the best results, thanks to its unique blend of ingredients from the Aït Baha region of Morocco. It is enriched with natural ingredients known for their ability to soften and protect the skin, keeping the epidermis in tip-top shape.


Much more than a pure oil


A lot of work has gone into ensuring that the argan oil in your cosmetic formula is as effective as possible. Argan oil is a complex mixture of different fatty acids, vitamins and other compounds, and each of these components must be carefully balanced to create a formula that will be both effective and safe.
The synergistic and inflammatory active ingredients contained in the cosmetic formula of Coeur d'Argan help to soothe and calm the skin. They also help to reduce redness and inflammation and help to prolong the emollient effect and keep the skin hydrated.
The process of creating a cosmetic formula based on argan oil is therefore much more complex than a pure argan oil simply packaged. To create a formula containing 99% pure argan oil, we must carefully extract the oil from the fruit of the argan tree, then purify it to remove all impurities. This process is time consuming and demanding, but it guarantees a final product of the highest quality.
The oil "Heart of Argan" Anti-aging, restructures, nourishes, moisturizes and remodels for a perfect skin balance. Rich in regenerating essential fatty acids, they ensure the elasticity and radiance of the skin.


A know-how forged in 20 years of partnership with Berber cooperatives and theEuropean Institute of Fatty Bodies.


A pure oil skillfully enriched with the magic and expertise of the house in a unique formula where the historical land of Ait Baha (cooperative of the House of Argan created in 2000), the collaboration of our neighbors of the European Institute of Fatty Bodies and active softening and antioxidant to go even further in the ultimate expression of a natural material of exception.

Heart of Argan Oil: Hydrate - Protect - Regenerate

- Extracted and processed using proprietary methods.
- Enriched with soothing ingredients
- Can be used as a massage oil or soothing after-sun fluid.
- Deeply revitalizes body, face and hair.
- Light and non-greasy
- Argan oil: moisturizing and firming.
- Alpha Bisabolol (from the wilds of South America): anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, moisturizing (Greatly needed after sun exposure)
Universal oil body face hair, Heart of Argan lends itself to all the uses, of the mask face deposited in modelling to the after sun body. Its emollient and regenerating power is sovereign on the whole body with a lasting effect and a unique texture: Pure but not "greasy" and an infinitely silky smoothness.
For the décolleté: apply it on the whole neck to the bust. This is without a doubt one of the best "youth" care products available. Its antioxidant power will prevent and/or reduce spots and the impact of the sun's harmful effects, as well as preserve and support the skin's suppleness and elasticity.
For hair: apply to dry hair, leave on for at least 15 minutes, overnight if you can (ideally under a warm towel) then wash your head.
In massage: do not hesitate to heat it a little in a bain-marie for example, you will notice that you will use less and that the massage will be even more pleasant.
Complete it with a drop of Argan Pearl Serum to accompany and perfect its effects on the face and bust.

Hierarchy of Effects

"a new ethical skincare range has harnessed the powers of Moroccan argan oil - and it will do as much for your soul as it will for your skin!" Bethan Cole (Sunday Time)

To Walther, Your Beauty.
"La Maison de l'Argan has the know-how
the technology, the heart and the desire. It is the material of a story
of passion and sharing".


Formulated and manufactured in France since 2002.
Weight 0,170 kg
Dimensions 4.6 × 4.6 × 11 cm

50 ml



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