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Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil

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The virtues of an anti-aging treatment in a makeup remover that has become a skin care product, to reveal and sublimate your skin. The excellence of makeup removal, the anti-aging and antioxidant power of Argan in extreme comfort.

A purifying and make-up removing oil, a daily anti-ageing treatment, simply essential.


Eliminate impurities and the most resistant make-up in extreme comfort. Regenerating and moisturizing, Argan oil intensely nourishes your skin with the elements essential to its beauty. Your skin finds freshness and velvetiness without any greasy feeling.


The truth is that the Oil Makeup Remover is perhaps the best care of the House of Argan. Not because it is the most complex, nor the most concentrated, nor the most famous, no, but because it totally, absolutely meets the real and daily needs of the skin. To write this secret archive, we asked the team and our lifelong fans to share with us their experience with this treatment.

"If there was only one left, it would be this one.

"The best makeup remover by far. No need to use a toner, or any cream, and it leaves skin incredibly soft and soothed."

"Honestly, if we're being completely honest, girls should ditch their paraphernalia and just buy a Katima'A makeup remover."

Asset hierarchy by contribution

- Complete anti-aging makeup remover for face and eyes,


-Deep cleansing of the skin
Removal of make-up and impurities
-Nutrition and hydration of the skin

Argan oil

balancing, purifying, anti-aging.


Alpha Bisabolol:

anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and softening properties.


First thing, you were told that it was economic, well you figure that it is true and more:


Start by using it on a damp cotton pad to save it and not have a greasy feeling afterwards.


Make-up removal without rubbing: there's really no need to attack your skin when the Make-up Remover is there to get rid of the waterproof make-up that won't leave you. You can use it without fear on the eyes (eyelids), you will see there also that it excels like nothing you have known before. If you feel a tingling sensation, it's likely that the makeup has leaked into your eyes.


A tip that applies to all makeup removers: don't hesitate to use several cotton pads if necessary, your skin will thank you.


Don't rinse it off!!! Even if your habits and your survival instinct are screaming at you that you're going to have oily and shiny skin: it's WRONG! On the contrary, your skin is deliciously purified and delicately filmed without your natural protection being altered at any time. That's the real miracle of Cleansing Care.

Manual make-up removal ritual.


With your face wet with warm water, emulsify the Makeup Remover with circular movements of your fingertips and gently massage your forehead, cheeks and chin for visibly relaxed features. Finally, remove makeup with a cotton pad soaked in cold water and Makeup Remover.


One more thing...


To perfect the make-up removal, an application of Crème Originelle will apply a veil of freshness and vitality on your brand new face (be careful not on the eyes this time).
Use in the morning to gently cleanse without damaging the hydro-acido lipidic layer.

"A gifted treatment that transforms the makeup removal ritual for the greater happiness of your skin. "

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Pioneer of the Argan, ar457 realizes the fusion of the Argan and the most ambitious ingredients in cosmetic care designed for demanding enthusiasts.


Formulated and manufactured in France since 2003.
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